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May 31, 2023

Here, an ex-police prosecutor turned law student discusses why he has decided to swap ends of the bar table.

On this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Jess Feyder speaks with Joshua Kelly, who has spent two decades as a cop and held the role of police prosecutor, about why he decided to begin a law career.


May 30, 2023

Given how much the legal landscape is modernising, relationships are more essential than ever before. As Gabriella Pomare says, “it’s who you know, it’s who you get to know, and it’s about putting yourself out there”.

On this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with The Norton...

May 29, 2023

On this special episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, produced in partnership with LOD, we explore how law departments can successfully navigate cost-cutting in these economically uncertain times.

Host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by LOD head of market insights Mark Dodd and senior legal counsel Helena Kolenbet to...

May 26, 2023

Justice David Smuts of the Supreme Court of Namibia shares how he has helped shape Namibia’s laws and legal system to imbed human rights into the country.

On this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jess Feyder speaks with Justice David Smuts about the changes he’s been instrumental in in Namibia’s legal...

May 24, 2023

Becoming a parent did more than reshape Matthew Hodgkinson’s personal life — it also changed, for the better, his professional pathway, leading him to become a “fractional” general counsel and have a greater appreciation for the need for “forgiving” advice and perspective as an in-house lawyer.

On this...