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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Dec 14, 2018

In this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, brought to you by Commonwealth Bank, Jerome Doraisamy is joined by a panel of prominent guests to discuss the strategies Australian law firms are employing to keep pace – both with their clients and also their competitors – across the board.

This conversation responds to the findings of the 2018 CommBank Legal Market Pulse Report, which focused on the ways in which firms are future-proofing their operations in responses to the myriad and ongoing changes in day-to-day client engagement, legal service delivery, and other such matters for working professionals. In this discussion, we’re going to flesh out some of the ways legal individuals and institutions are effecting change, as well as some of the issues, challenges and opportunities on the horizon. 

The panelists for this episode are: Marc Totaro (national head of professional services at Commonwealth Bank), George Beaton (executive chairman of Beaton Research and Consulting) and Emma Heuston (practice leader at NewLaw firm LegalVision).