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Sep 12, 2023

Here, two partners from the Boutique Firm of the Year discuss the need for litigators to do things differently and ensure that client experiences and outcomes provide positive transformations.

In this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Resolve Divorce partners Rose Cocchiaro and Chanel Martin to discuss necessary mindset and model shifts for small legal businesses, how firm owners can and should look to implement such changes, responding to changing and increased client expectations, and the idea of “responsible lawyering”.

Ms Cocchiaro and Ms Martin also detail the need to move past discomfort around the idea of doing law differently, overcoming resistance from the legal community to change approaches, the importance of in-office collaboration in implementing new strategies, reflections on what it means to be a good business owner in law, and why looking for better, strategic options is so essential.

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