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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Nov 9, 2021

When Sally Nicholes founded her firm, she was adamant that the practice be one that actually gives back and promotes the rights of those most vulnerable. Given the hurdles that LGBTQIA+ persons and families have historically faced, having a dedicated arm within her firm to support such clients was a must.

On this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Nicholes Family Lawyers managing partner Sally Nicholes and partner Rebecca Dahl, who detail how and why their firm’s dedicated LGBTQIA+ practice group came to be, the issues and challenges it aims to address for vulnerable and disadvantaged clients, and how the age of coronavirus has exacerbated some of these concerns for families.

The two partners also dive into the legislative evolutions that have changed the nature of legal work in this space, the impact of vicarious trauma versus the emotional rewards that come from such work, the moral and ethical duties of legal practitioners, and the business case for having dedicated practice groups within law firms for specific demographics of society.