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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Dec 16, 2020

Student accommodation businesses were “uniquely hit” by COVID-19. For Ben Klug, this time has presented significant challenges but also valuable lessons for general counsel for the post-pandemic world.

In this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Scape general counsel and director of people Ben Klug to talk about how urban living solutions providers like his have fared during the age of coronavirus, how they have had to pivot during this time and what takeaways have been gleaned from such extraordinary circumstances for such businesses.

Moreover, the pair discuss the lessons for legal departments, including but not limited to the importance of diversified offerings and future-proofing a business for unforeseen events, the extent to which certainty can be offered to the broader business, and why empathy and understanding is needed to better support both staff and customers.