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Sep 29, 2023

In this episode, brought to you via Lawyers Weekly’s sister brand, HR Leader, we discuss why flexibility and hybrid work should be a continued focus going forward, despite some forcing employees back to the office full-time.

Host Emma Musgrave is joined by Avanade modern workplace lead Stef Shoffren to reflect on the fact that even though 86 per cent of companies in the post-pandemic era are confident they have found the right balance in terms of people-first work models like hybrid or remote working, 55 per cent have not provided their employees with a genuine choice about when or where they work.

The pair discuss findings around Avanade’s “People first. Or people false” research, which reveals a gap in what organisations are promising and what is being delivered to employees, and detail advice for technology-cautious employers and how to better utilise data and experimentation to create an effective working environment for all.

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