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Mar 23, 2023

On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with nrol, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with nrol director Jesse Shah about the gaps that legal employers are trying to fill, from practitioner to support positions.

Mr Shah details the hiring constraints he is currently seeing in the legal profession and why such constraints are in place, whether he thinks the prospect of a recession is having an impact on hiring for certain positions, the state of affairs for legal support roles and how issues can be overcome, and why he believes partners need to take urgent action in filling certain positions.

The episode also details Mr Shah’s views on the importance of retention for legal employers, why the current market is the hardest period of his career to date, why he perceives the candidate’s market remaining in place for a while longer, and how best he thinks employers and prospective employees alike can respond to what he’s seeing in the market.

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