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May 26, 2022

On this special episode of LawTech Talks, produced in partnership with LexisNexis Pacific, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with LexisNexis legal software solutions sales manager David Atherton-Cooper about the inextricable need for practitioners and business owners to ensure they are striking a balance that not only makes sense to them but also ensures that they are in control of the firms they operate.

The pair reflect on the state of affairs for legal business owners in the wake of the age of coronavirus, where the industry is at with regards to increased commercial activity, demand for private client services, scattered workforces and workplace challenges, as well as additional hurdles including reduced reliance on paper and keeping track of caseloads.

Mr Atherton-Cooper then discusses the symptoms that might indicate whether a business owner has crossed the threshold of a firm running that practitioner versus being the one running a firm, the questions that such practitioners must answer if they are to change that dynamic, the place of technology in making life easier, finding the best of both worlds from a practice management perspective, and what kinds of technological solutions business owners should be looking for.

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