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Apr 9, 2020

International humanitarian lawyer and former war crimes prosecutor Rabia Siddique believes that anyone has the ability to create "ripples of change", and it was this belief that set her on a path to provide justice and equality to those who most needed it.

In this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, Rabia joins host Jerome Doraisamy to discuss her incredible career influenced by a feeling that she was "destined to help others". A story that saw her overcome racial discrimination, sexual abuse, become the prime target of a terrorist attack, and in a legal battle with the British army and government.

Rabia shares her passion to bring the values of ethics and humanity back to the foundations of the legal profession, unpacks the choices that we face in a climate governed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and why she believes that legal professionals need to be asking, now more than ever, "How can we be of service?".

Content warning: This episode contains content that may be distressing or disturbing to some listeners – listener discretion is advised.

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