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Mar 25, 2022

Georgia Steele has over 15 years’ experience as a lawyer, both in BigLaw firms and in-house at a major bank. The skills she picked up along the way (particularly as a litigator) will serve her well, she says, if elected in Hughes in place of incumbent MP Craig Kelly.

On this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with independent for Hughes candidate Georgia Steele – who previously was a senior lawyer and manager for regulatory affairs at ANZ, prior to which she worked at Allens and Freshfields – about her career in law, what she learned in her decade and a half as a litigator, and how she came to be the Independent candidate in the Hughes electorate in Sydney’s southern and south-western suburbs.

Ms Steele also explains the issues that are most important to her as a candidate – namely her “exasperation” with the state of federal political discourse, concern about environmental inaction and the need for a federal ICAC – and reflects on the issues that are important to legal professionals, and argues for the need to “really refresh Australian democracy”.

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