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Feb 27, 2023

Given how much the working world has changed in recent years, emerging leaders in law have a greater capacity to redefine who and what they want to be in the profession. Ensuring that one always remembers the human element of practice, and is community-minded, will be critical, however.

On this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes back HWL Ebsworth solicitor and Voices of Influence Australia chief executive Taylah Spirovski to discuss the many hats she wears and how she juggles her various responsibilities, why her work with Voices is so important, why advocacy must be part of a young lawyer’s journey, and whether holistic success for those coming through the ranks has evolved in the age of coronavirus.

Ms Spirovski also delves into how shifts in power are redefining what emerging lawyers can or should look like, getting the best deal for one’s self, practical steps to take to glean broader perspectives, how and why being community-minded is essential, and ensuring you are fulfilled as an emerging leader in law.

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