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Apr 27, 2022

Two-time Golden Gavel winner Olivia Irvine has come to learn, over time, certain things about herself: she is funnier, braver and not as adverse to being uncomfortable as she’d imagined. Such lessons are critical, she says, in living out the career one wants to and becoming the individual one is supposed to be.

On this episode of The Protege Podcast, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Hazelbrook Legal lawyer Olivia Irvine, who has twice won the NSW-based Golden Gavel competition (an annual comedic public speaking event), about her interest in law from an early age, how and why she got into public speaking, her experience with Golden Gavel and the importance of finding comfort in discomfort while speaking on stage.

Ms Irvine also delves into the need for up-and-coming lawyers to challenge whatever preconceptions and assumptions they may have about themselves, navigating hardship if and when it arises, riding the wave of an evolving sense of self, how she has benefited from challenging herself to do and be more, and why others can and must go through the same steps she has in order to become who they have the potential to be, both personally and professionally.

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