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Oct 25, 2021

Having been caught between the choice of unpredictability in her dream job or the stability in another, one new lawyer shares how she thought she would be giving up her passion for writing when she pursued her interest in law – ultimately, however, she found a way to make both of them work in one big, exciting career.

In this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Naomi Neilson is joined by lawyer, writer, and Lawyers Weekly contributor Stefanie Costi to discuss how her blossoming career in journalism was swapped out for law – but, through a copywriting business and contributing to news sites like ours, found a way to keep working in both.

In this episode, Stefanie talks us through a really exciting writing opportunity: contributing a chapter in the Change Makers books about women making an impact on the lives of others. It’s a very interesting read on how she made the switch from writing into law, and the impact people around her had on finding a middle ground.

“If my journey says anything, it’s that with a bit of grit, your own permission to dream and the power to not give up, the world is yours for the taking,” Stefanie wrote. “Believe in yourself and have the courage to take the first step.”

Stefanie also shares what it meant for her career to grow up with migrant parents and offers some very useful advice for new lawyers.

Have a listen to the entire episode below!

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