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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Oct 11, 2019

Research from the UK linking the experience of menopausal symptoms to women's workplace participation, and the subsequent introduction of leave policies at a British university to cater to menopause, begs the question: should law firms have similar leave policies in place to better accommodate women's health?

On this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by McCabe Curwood principal Nicola Martin, for a discussion outlining that women will suffer from symptoms of menopause to varying degrees, potentially impacting their ability to attend and stay focused at work, and whether or not it is incumbent upon employers to put in place leave policies and other workplace initiatives to support idiosyncratic needs and facilitate a more collegiate environment. In addition, the pair discuss the possibility of period pain leave, criticisms of such leave policies, and how to address stigmas that may and do exist when it comes to women's health.