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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Jan 9, 2024

One year ago, Jarrod Kenney founded his own law firm – while still working full-time in a separate role. Here, he reflects on the myriad challenges involved with starting a legal practice as a concurrent career, setting parameters defining a competitive edge, and what he’s learnt both about himself and the experience of practitioners along the way. 
In this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Kenney Legal principal Jarrod Kenney to discuss the challenges of entering the legal profession while also working in a separate full-time career, having clear parameters of one’s expectations of one’s self and thus managing client expectations, navigating the myriad challenges of starting a new business while working elsewhere, and what he has learnt from that experience. 
Mr Kenney also delves into navigating conversations with clients about capacity, establishing a competitive difference given his different operating hours, staying on top of market changes and evolutions, and what his unique experience of starting a law firm while also working in another job has taught him about what constitutes success for boutique practitioners.