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Dec 18, 2023

Team management, and ensuring the law department can perform in small, agile workplaces, is at the top of Luana Melis’ priority list as a leader. Creating such productive environments takes time, she says, and requires meaningful reflection on processes and a focus on softer skills, among other key approaches.

In this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Time & Place general counsel and company secretary Luana Melis to discuss the tough market conditions faced by the property and construction sectors in recent years, how and why team management is the highest of priorities for her, determining best practice for managing teams, and the importance of agility in identifying pathways forward.

Ms Melis also reflects on what high performance means for her in the context of an in-house legal team, balancing the legal team’s efforts against the performance of other business functions, the need for mindset shifts, practical ways to achieve and maintain high performance, lessons learnt along the way, marrying up the importance of sustainability with performance, and recalibrating the idea of high performance amid changing market conditions.

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