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Jun 18, 2024

In this special episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, produced in partnership with TransPerfect Legal, we explore how important data is to businesses in FY25, the importance of good information governance to manage risk, the use of AI in modern legal work, and some advice for in-house teams on how to deal with data before, during and after a dispute or investigation.

Host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes back TransPerfect Legal director Tom Balmer to discuss key reflections and takeaways from the recent Corporate Counsel Summit, how worried law department leaders are about litigation/regulatory risks, why information governance is so essential in managing these risks, and questions to ask/advice to help businesses improve. We also delve into how and why AI is currently being used to deal with increasing data volumes, the limitations and risks associated, the issues with AI in sales, and some advice for businesses to prepare themselves for disputes/investigations.

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