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Jun 22, 2022

In her acceptance speech upon winning the FMCG Lawyer of the Year category at the 2022 Corporate Counsel Awards, Danielle Keyes reflected that there is so much work that goes into rolling a burrito. Here, the GC for Guzman y Gomez unpacks what it takes to succeed as an FMCG in-house lawyer.

On this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Guzman y Gomez general counsel Danielle Keyes to discuss her journey from insolvency litigation in BigLaw firms to working for a major food chain, how she went about adapting to her new and different vocational pathway, and how the age of coronavirus amplified the headline issues and challenges for FMCG business and their law departments.

Ms Keyes also reflects on striking the right balance in an often-manic working day, the lessons she has learned about what constitutes success for FMCG legal counsel (and counsel across the board as well), what she has learned about herself as a professional that she may not have discovered had she not entered the FMCG space, and what lawyers in this space have to look forward to in the future.

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