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Jun 21, 2023

It is crucial, award-winning legal counsel Christopher Doherty believes, for in-house lawyers to be motivated about the business they are working for. Having such purpose, being curious and employing the right approach to boot will spur counsel to success.

On this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Virgin Australia senior legal counsel Christopher Doherty about his experience of working in-house in diverse sectors, why in-house life is so motivating for him, and striking the right balance between being the generalist that a business needs versus developing expertise in particular areas.

Mr Doherty also discusses his perspective on the “T-shaped professional” and why such an approach is so critical for in-house lawyers, having such an approach be transferrable across sectors, why he is so interested in the aviation industry, the headline challenges he is seeing in this space right now, believing in the business one works for, and the all-important need for curiosity.

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