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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Sep 20, 2023

Award-winning partner Aylin Cunsolo considers herself lucky to be working in a space that she is passionate about and that is also a “key challenge of our generation”. The energy transition, she says, is set to impact many areas of law and is one that lawyers across the board need to be on top of.

In this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Baker McKenzie partner Aylin Cunsolo, who recently won the Partner of the Year category at the Australian Law Awards, to discuss her journey as an energy and projects lawyer, how and why there’s no turning back with the nation’s energy transition and where Australia is at on that journey, and what’s happening with investment activity at this juncture.

Ms Cunsolo also discusses the challenges and trends that partners and teams in this space are grappling with right now, best practice approaches, nurturing the development of the next generation of lawyers in this space, evolving thinking on what makes a good partner, why all lawyers need an understanding of the objectives and drivers of the energy transition, guiding clients rather than forcing decisions, and why such work for partners of all stripes is so exciting.