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Sep 22, 2023

As this recruiter-turned-award-winning practitioner has learnt, it is fundamentally important to put one’s self forward in order to succeed. Effective networking and business development, right from the outset of one’s legal career, is necessary in the current climate.

In this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Moulis Legal associate Lochlan Worrell about his background in recruitment and what it taught him about the jobs market, the need to build genuine and trusting relationships, navigating the rise of online networking, and practical ways to approach in-person networking.

Mr Worrell also outlines the importance of not selling one’s self too much, managing one’s time well, what he thinks constitutes good business development for individuals, the questions one should ask one’s self to identify their personal brand, first steps to take, overcoming nerves, and lessons he’s learnt.

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