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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Apr 29, 2022

Since the advent of work-from-home arrangements, much has been made of the danger of losing the “water cooler conversation” for the sake of professional development. According to one employment and industrial relations partner, however, there are issues across the board that employers and employees alike must promptly grapple with.

On this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Piper Alderman partner Joe Murphy to discuss the myriad and ongoing changes to the nature of work in workplace and employment issues, what we mean by hybrid working arrangements, and the various issues and challenges that he sees arising from the mainstreaming of such arrangements in a post-pandemic market, for the purposes of different lawyer demographics.

Mr Murphy also outlines the potential solutions and strategies to the hurdles that he is foreseeing, whether leaders have to redefine what professional development is for those coming through the ranks, the need to balance personal needs against legislative constraints, and obligations upon individual lawyers to ensure their professional development isn’t hampered.