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Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network

Mar 30, 2023

On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Legalwise Seminars, we dive into the rise of artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT, the lawfulness of and issues surrounding such tech, and the broader implications for practitioners of all stripes.

Host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Patrick Fair, adjunct professor at Deakin University and principal of Patrick Fair Associates, about ChatGPT and why its advent is so significant, how and why such technologies are only going to get better, the lawful considerations that practitioners have to take into account with these platforms and the need for legislative and regulatory frameworks to catch up to the pace of change.

The pair also discuss how platforms like ChatGPT can alter the ways in which practitioners operate day-to-day, the checks and balances that will have to be implemented in utilising such platforms, new skills that will have to be developed, and tasks to be undertaken, the broader implications and opportunities for practitioners across the country, and how Legalwise Seminars is supporting lawyers’ growth on such questions.

To learn more about Legalwise Seminars and preview Patrick’s upcoming SoCI webinar series, click here.