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May 26, 2023

Justice David Smuts of the Supreme Court of Namibia shares how he has helped shape Namibia’s laws and legal system to imbed human rights into the country.

On this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, host Jess Feyder speaks with Justice David Smuts about the changes he’s been instrumental in in Namibia’s legal system and how he went about securing those changes.

Justice Smuts discusses how he challenged laws and aspects of the constitution, at a time when the country gained independence and its constitution and legal framework were being formed.

His Honour also discusses how he has presided over court cases and worded judgments, aiming to influence the law and broader society to move towards equality and rights for both humans and animals.

Justice Smuts discusses his career path, his motivations, and the methods he’s used to challenge laws and drive change, reflecting on how Namibia’s society has changed and how the judiciary has played a role in moving the country towards equality.

His Honour also muses on the significance of the judiciary in its role of upholding moral principles and human rights for a country and gives advice to Australian lawyers who are passionate about driving positive legal and social change.

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