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Mar 25, 2020

According to director of Twine Business & Law, Cara Austen, it is imperative for in-house counsel to be thoroughly across all the latest regulatory, financial, social and political changes in relation to COVID-19 so as to provide appropriate advice to their firms.

The former GC joins host Jerome Doraisamy on this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show to share her professional journey to starting her own boutique practice, how the legal profession and in-house lawyers in particular are being impacted by the ongoing global health pandemic, and the importance of ensuring that companies are making ethical, compliant decisions in this time.

Cara also details how in-house lawyers can help their businesses respond to the government's stimulus package, why she predicts a spike in redundancy and discrimination claim activity following the COVID-19 crisis, and shares some practical advice for GCs on how to support their team while working remotely.

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