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Dec 20, 2020

With thousands of students coming out of law school with a degree each year, it’s just becoming harder and harder to stand out in the pool of high-achieving, résumé-packed competitors fighting for the same jobs – but it’s not impossible.

In this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Naomi Neilson sits down with the winner of Lawyers Weekly’s 2020 Law Student of the Year Sanjay Alapakkam to chat about how he created what has proved to be a stand out application. 

We talk through his achievements over the last few years, how he has networked and passed on his own knowledge to younger peers, and how he came to win the Law Student of the Year. This means we’re also talking about tips on how to sign up for your own award nominations and perfecting the application process. 

Sanjay and I also discuss the importance of change while still a law student and why it is so important that young minds are contributing to the future of the profession. 

“I think there’s something really valuable about being a student. It’s that we bring a fresh perspective. It’s that we can be from the outside looking into the profession and think, ‘Huh, why does it work that way? It doesn’t quite make sense’, and it’s not to detract from the people who are very experienced, but I think that outsider perspective is very important in being able to change the status quo,” he said. 

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